Immunization Registry

WebIZ is a Web-based, database-driven immunization registry system currently implemented at multiple state and local government agencies in the US and internationally. Designed to meet the standard requirements for effective tracking and administration of immunizations in a public health setting, WebIZ also provides a great deal of customization options and extensibility that serve the needs of the most sophisticated agency.


  • A robust vaccine Recommender facility which incorporates CDC ACIP guidelines and can be customized to handle jurisdiction-specific policies
  • Integration with external systems, such as vital records, master patient indexes, and electronic medical records, via HL7 (versions 2.3.1 and 2.5.1)
  • Ability to feed data to billing systems such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • Multiple levels of inventory tracking, including VTrckS integration
  • Optional “school nurse” version for streamlined data entry and student roster management

Emergency Preparedness

WebCRA is Envision’s Countermeasure and Response Administration, originally designed to manage preparation and reaction to viral outbreaks. WebCRA manages inventory of not just vaccine stores, but also personal protective gear, treatment medications, shelter items and other necessary materiel. Because of its robust architecture, WebCRA is used today by customers not only for vaccine-preventable emergencies, but also for bioterrorism response planning and even natural disaster preparedness.


  • Multiple levels of inventory tracking
  • Outreach mechanisms specifically for campaign responders
  • Ability to track inventory utilization to specific patients, if desired

Case Management

Envision has developed a suite of complementary products for management of patient cases in the public health sector, ranging from social services such as Maternal Child Health and Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, to high-risk disease management like TB and perinatal HepB, to reproductive health and family planning. All additional modules are integrated with the WebIZ system, so vaccine and case history can be administered jointly, if desired.

Consistent patient demographic information and workflows across all modules

  • Integration with external billing and accounting systems
  • Inventory management, where appropriate – such as reproductive health clinics


All Envision products are designed for browser-based operation with no client-side software requirements other than a freely-available PDF viewer for reports. Our development is exclusively on the Microsoft platform, delivering outstanding performance and scalability while providing best-in-class total cost of ownership metrics. Specifically, we utilize the SQL Server database (version 2008 and above, Standard Edition and above) on Windows Server (version 2008 and above, Standard Edition and above). Our programming platform is Microsoft’s .NET Framework (2.0 compatible and above), using C# and JavaScript. Customers may choose to configure their installation as either two-tier (web server(s) and database server(s)) or three-tier (web, application, and database server(s)). A typical installation might be structured as follows: